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Glenn Malkin began binding professionally in 2008 and has since won numerous awards for his design bindings in national and international competitions. Based in Yorkshire, his work is split between the routine repair work of old books, creating new bindings for his customers, teaching workshops in bookbinding and creating unique works of art with his design bindings.

‘My approach to design binding is to take inspiration from the contents of the book – sometimes just a single sentence or phrase can spark an idea. If it is a commission, I will ask the client for any ideas or expectations they have and try to work with those where possible, but the creative spark which generates an idea will always come from the book itself.’

In 2022 Glenn was elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders and exhibits and sells his work nationally and internationally.

The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole
Chiswick Press, London, 1924
Limited edition of 500
Bound in 2016

For Sale: £1320.00

Bound in full Harmatan goatskin with onlays of puckered and sanded leather. Airbrushed and painted detail. The book edges are decorated with acrylics. Hand sewn silk double headbands. Full leather doublures and suede endpapers. Presented in a bespoke suede-lined wooden box with leather panel to the lid.

The design evokes a feel for the place in which the story unfolds. The book was first published as a ‘discovered’ ancient manuscript of true events; when Walpole admitted authorship it became the first in the genre of Gothic novels.

Selected for exhibition at The Bodleian Library as part of the Designer Bookbinders 2017 International Competition.

Emily Dickinson – Selected Poems
Illustrated by Jane Lydbury
The Folio Society, 2016
Bound in 2017

For Sake: £1440.00

Bound in full blue Pentland goat, airbrushed. Back-pared onlay of gold, cold tooled and sanded leather panel. Tooled background stars in gold. There are full leather doublures and suede endpapers. Silk sewn endbands covered in white gold leaf. Edges decorated with acrylics and sprinkled white gold leaf.
Presented in a suede lined bespoke drop-back box.
Winner of the St Bride Foundation Prize for Finishing, Designer Bookbinders annual competition 2017

Erté Macquetes
Illustrated by Erté (Romain de Tirtoff)
Privately Published, USA
Limited Edition of 50
Miniature, approx. 10cm x 7cm
Bound in 2016
Private collection

Full natural goatskin, airbrushed blue. Leather onlays in yellow, white, black and tan. Tooled detail in carbon, silver and white foil. Edges decorated with acrylics and sprinkled silver leaf. Hand sewn silk endbands. Paste paper endpapers made by the binder, full leather doublures. Presented in a bespoke drop-back box with suede lining and design elements to match the binding.
The book contains a number of Erte’s posters, magazine covers and other artwork. The design of the binding takes elements of these designs and combines them to convey a sense of the art deco feel and style of the artist.

The Collected Stories of Nikolai Gogol
Illustrated by Peter Suart
The Folio Society, 2009
160 x 235mm
Bound in 2010

For Sale: £1020.00

Full bound in rough natural goat, airbrushed and painted, over painted and textured natural goat covered boards. Distressed paper label to the spine. Full brown goatskin doublures and suede endpapers. This photograph shows the detail of hand-sewn silk endbands and the edges being decorated with acrylics. Presented in a bespoke suede-lined drop-back box.
The design of the binding represents the crumbling plasterwork of the buildings in the towns, illustrating the lowly and depressed social settings for several of the stories contained within.
Winner of Highly Commended prize in the Designer Bookbinders annual competition 2010.

The Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp
Illustrated by Janine Weidel
Café Royal Books, 2019
Unnumbered limited edition
Bound in 2019

Created in album format utilising the images from the pages of the Cafe Royal book ‘Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp’. Bound in airbrushed scarf jointed goat decorated with impressed leather technique, carbon tooled lines and gold leaf tooling. Back-pared inlaid Peace Camp motif to the spine. Doublures and endpapers created from scanned newspaper cuttings. Leather endbands and joints. Presented in a suede lined drop-back box with leather panel inlaid on the front. The images within illustrate the 1980s as a time when peaceful yet active nuclear disarmament protest combined with a strong feminist movement had a massive impact on the public (and political) consciousness.

The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
Illustrated by Marc Burckhardt
The Folio Society, 2017
250 x 160mm
Bound in 2018
Private Collection

Bound in full Pentland goatskin with airbrushed background and design features. Tooled in gold and carbon. The head and tail book edges are decorated with acrylics. Full leather doublures incorporating words from the book blocked in gold across front and rear. Hand sewn silk endbands. Presented in a bespoke suede-lined wooden box with a titled leather panel to the lid reflecting the design of the binding.

Winner of a Highly Commended prize in the Designer Bookbinders annual competition 2018.

Imitations of the English Poets by Alexander Pope
Illustrated by Meridith Ramsbotham
Libanus Press, 1987
Limited edition of 250
Bound in 2015
Private Collection

Bound in full craquele decorated fair goat with recessed panels of embossed and dyed goat, framed with carbon tooling. Full leather yellow doublures with carbon tooling. Craquele leather joints and suede endpapers. The edges are decorated with acrylics and sprinkled gold leaf. Presented in a suede-lined drop-back box.

The twin panels represent Pope’s attempts to imitate the classical poets – similar but not identical.

Winner of the First Prize in the Fine Binding category, Society of Bookbinders International Competition 2015.

The Pyed Pyper by Richard Verstagen (1634)
Illustrated by Angela Lemaire
The Old Stile Press, 2002
Limited edition of 175 copies
335 x 350mm
Bound in 2019

For Sale: £2100.00

This is a three- part binding in fair goat. The spine is craquelé and the boards are hand dyed and decorated using aniline dye and acrylic inks. Multiple blind and carbon tooled elements are incorporated into the design. Airbrushed background features and block printed details with yellow leather onlay highlight. There are full leather hand dyed fair goat doublures, joints and endbands. The endpapers are paste papers by the binder with back-pared onlaid leather lines. Presented in a bespoke wooden box, lined with suede and lifting ribbon and with decorative panel to the lid.

The design is a representation of the village of Hamelin in this well- known story, with black tooling leading from the bleak houses suggesting the leading away of the rats and/or the children. This core theme is also suggested on the endpapers and doublures with the dark lines leading into the hilly wilderness just to mysteriously disappear.

Winner of ‘The FineCut Trophy for Finishing’ at The Society of Bookbinders International Competition, 2019

Vita Nuova by Dante Alighieri
Illustrated by Daniel Egneus
The Folio Society, 2015
240 x 150mm
Bound in 2016
Private Collection

Sewn onto four linen tapes and bound in crimson goatskin with black goat doublures and joints. Tooled in gold and black. Acrylic edge decoration and silk endbands. The design represents the significance of the ‘perfect’ number nine featured throughout the story, though things perhaps aren’t as perfect as they may at first appear. The black tooling represents the presence of death whilst the crimson leather reflects the colour of Beatrice’s dress.

Wrenching Times by Walt Whitman
Illustrated by Gaylord Schanilec
Gwasg Gregynog, 1991
Number 296 of 450 copies
350 x 245 x 20mm
Bound in 2017

For Sale: £1200.00

The book is sewn onto five linen tapes and bound in a three-part structure with red goatskin on the spine and grey and blue goat on the boards, lightly airbrushed. There is a recessed red leather feature across each board and a back-pared onlaid moon on the front board in pale blue goatskin. There are multiple inlaid strips of leather on both boards decorated with multiple coloured foils. The author’s name is tooled on the spine in gold. The endpapers are made with red suede and the doublures are hand-dyed cloth, bordered to the edges with red goatskin. Headbands are hand sewn in red and white whilst the head and tail edges are lightly decorated with rough-printed lines and sprinkled gold leaf. The fore-edge is deckled.

Inspired by the poem ‘Look Down Fair Moon’, the design shows the moon above the battlefield, the lines representing the corpses of the dead indistinguishable from each other. The two primary colours on the boards reflect the grey and blue colours of the Unionist and Confederate uniforms. The blood red line between them, stretching across the binding, is the boundary between the northern and southern states in the conflict.


Email: glenn@glennmalkin.com
Website: https://glennmalkin.com/
Instagram: @malkinglenn
Accepts Commissions: Yes