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Lori Sauer

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Lori received a degree in Fine Art in the USA followed by an MA in English Literature. After moving to the UK in 1980 she worked in publishing and as a mature student trained with Sally Lou Smith and David Sellars at the City Lit., London, from 1988 – 1991. In 2000 she won the Designer Bookbinders Silver Medal and in 2001 became a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders. She served as its President from 2015 – 2019. She teaches widely across the UK and abroad and runs open studio classes in Wiltshire. In 2011 she founded BINDING re:DEFINED, an international programme of workshops focused on the teaching of alternative book structures. Lori’s work is in collections in the UK and abroad.

“For the past few years I have been involved in a collaborative project in Malta, funded by the Maltese Arts Council. They are sculptural pieces and made from the materials in my bindery. All of the pieces have a narrative and assigned a story. The project is called SURA and an initial exhibition took place in the capital, Valletta with a second exhibition in 2022 and a third in 2023. It’s possible to view posts on Facebook and Instagram. SURA @suratanies”.

The Glass Room
by Simon Mawer
Little, Brown, 2009
221mm x 162mm x 58mm
Author’s collection
Bound 2009

Glass Room book
Glass Room book

A Dos Rapporté binding in vellum with Perspex inlays. Tyvek doublures.

Written and illustrated by Alice M Cornell
Fox Moon Publications, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1997
Copy 72
65mm x 51mm x 16mm
Private Collection
Bound 2009

homemade book binding

A miniature book in suede, silk detail with a separate map holder and carrying pouch. The book has secondary sewing to attach paper boards that support the covering material.

The Moonstone
by Wilkie Collins, illustrated by Stan Washburn
Arion Press, San Francisco, 2012
179 of 300
239mm x 165mm x 23mm and 30mm (2 vols.)
Private Collection
Bound 2015

Moonstone Vols I & II

Simplified bindings in calfskin, hand-made paper and vellum.

The Long Journey
Robert Louis Stevenson
engravings by Robin Mackenzie
Incline Press, Oldham, UK, 2014
190 of 200
248mm x 177mm x 35mm
Private Collection
Bound 2017

professional book binding

A Dos Rapporté binding in pierced suede with coloured inlays and a calf skin spine.

The Shadow King by Maaza Mengiste
Canongate, 2019
Bound in 2020

A crossed structure binding covered in stone veneer and eel skin with paper inlays and gold tooling.

Tallis’s London Street Views
Introduction by Peter Jackson
The London Topographical Society, 2002
Bound in 2022
200mm x 293mm x 40mm

A facsimile edition of many maps and prints of 19 th century London compiled by John Tallis originally printed as a series of booklets.

The structure has a double cover and set back board attachment. Bound in stone veneer, vellum and fish skin. The boards are impressed with raised rectangles and textured vellum. The spine is vellum with leather endcaps. The composition mirrors the layout of the text

A Quartet of Contracts
Renaissance documents for Pisano’s Pulpit, Duccio’s Rucellai Madonna & Maestà and
Lorenzetti’s Polyptych
Introduction by John White
Libanus Press, 2005, limited edition of 70
Bound in 2021
327mm x 263mm x 14mm

This is a simplified binding structure; the text is sewn to a stub. It is covered in vellum with a snakeskin spine, eel skin details and gold tooling

Cecil Stewart, engravings by Peter Baker Mill
Golden Cockerel Press, 1954
312 of 500
258mm x 193mm x 13mm
Private Collection
Bound 2011

Topiary book spine
perfect book binding

A Dos Rapporté binding in dyed, reverse vellum. There is a lizard skin spine with silk wrapped wires as inlays. The endpapers are cut out layers of Japanese tissue.