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Gillian graduated from Glasgow School of Art’s Communication Design Department, winning a school-wide prize in her degree show and specialising in printing illustrated artists books. She went on to work as a children’s book illustrator and art handler, before gaining a traineeship in a small commercial bindery in Glasgow, learning the basics of benchwork and specialising in blocking. In 2018 she became a QEST Craft Scholar, studying 1-1 with Tom McEwan as well as attending courses at Centro del Bel Libro Ascona and Professione Libro in Italy. In 2018 Gillian won 2nd prize for the Set Book in the DB Competition, and in 2020 she won best Student Craft binding in the National Library of Scotland Soutar Prize. In 2019 she was awarded a Print Futures Award from the Printing Charity, and in 2020 received an Endangered Craft Award from the Heritage Craft Association. In 2019 she held a 3 month solo show at The Lighthouse Glasgow, introducing the craft of bookbinding to a contemporary design audience.

Gillian now works from her bindery in Glasgow where she takes on commissions for bespoke books, creates fine bindings and sells limited run products. She teaches students from her studio, as well as in colleges and art schools across Scotland. She is a Licentiate of Designer Bookbinders and Chair of the Society of Bookbinders in Scotland.

The Long Journey by Robert Louis Stevenson
Incline Press, Oldham, 2014
Illustrated by Robin Mackenzie
Bound in June 2019
280mm x 180mm x 10mm

For sale: £1500.00

Binding details:
Bradel structure. Spine of craquelure dyed fair goat. Boards of watercolour painting and hand dyed goat edges, and tooled in gold foil. Leather jointed endpapers. Water colour painted and gold tooled paper doublures. Top edge decoration of graphite and blind tooling.

Design details:
The Long Journey compiles works from the author that follow the narrative of the journey of life. With this in mind, the design references birds in flight, ovum and wholeness.

A Braird O Thristles
Scots Poems by Douglas Young,
Illustrated by Georgie Bain
Published by William MacLellan Glasgow, 1947
200mm x 160mm x 10mm
Bound in 2021

For Sale: £1800

As well as Douglas Young’s own poetry in Scots and English, this collection also includes translations from the Gaelic into Scots of early work by Sorley MacLean and George Campbell Hay, translations from French into Scots of work by Paul Valery, from German into Scots of work by Erich Fried

Technical details:
Full leather binding with linen joint flush board attachment.
Head decorated with silver leaf and graphite.
Alum tawed goatskin hand dyed with cyanotype print and spirit dyes, tooled in matte silver foil.
Leather jointed endpapers with cyanotype flyleaves and doublures, tooled in matte silver foil.
Housed in a screen-printed and foil blocked dropback box.

Design details:
I took huge inspiration from the rich Pictish illustrations by George Bain inside this book. Alluding to the blue of wode, the cyanotype method creates a deep blue that is accented by silver studs. The Celtic and Pictish designs are hand drawn and inspired by ancient artefacts like the Battersea Shield. The design should feel both bold and delicate, creating a book that feels like a timeless home for the power of our stories.

Graphic Sayings by David Kindersley, taken from the books of Idries Shah
Illustrated by David Kindersley
Skelton Press, Cambridge, 1973
170mm x 220mm x 10mm
Bound in November 2018

For sale: £1700

Binding details:
Bradel Binding structure. Boards of fair goat, tooled blind then airbrushed. Spine piece of Harmatan goat. Foil tooling to front boards and spine. Hand dyed and tooled leather jointed endpapers and paper doublures. Sunago rough edge decoration.

Design details:
This design references the technical guides used in letter carving and type design, which underpinned Kindersley’s playful and curious work. The symbols on the board titling are abstractions of guides used in hand lettering, and the hand tooled designs on the doublure and flyleaf are taken directly from letter guides. The most difficult part of this binding was matching up the brush stroke across the flyleaf and paper doublure, with gold applied to the leather joint to continue the brushstroke. The application of dye and blind tooling takes the look of carved stone, referencing Kindersley’s background as a letter carver, and giving a basis for playful gold decoration.

The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
Illustrated by Mark Burckhardt
The Folio Society, 2017
Bound in October 2018
200 x 150 x 30mm
Winner of 2nd prize in the Designer Bookbinders Folio Society Set Book 2018

For Sale: £1750

Hand-dyed natural goatskin doublures and covering leather, multiple hand-dyed onlays, hand-sewn endbands, all edges decorated with acrylic ink and tooled blind and with foil, endpapers hand decorated in acrylic ink and foil tooling.

Taking as a starting point the concept of technological progress at the cost of our humanity, the design features the natural form of a circle motif as metaphor for wholeness, becoming fragmented through progress and speed. Colour palette chosen to represent nuclear sunsets and unknown space.

Jaws by Peter Benchley
Suntup Editions
Dimensions: 160mm x 220mm x 35mm
Bound in 2022
Bound as an edition of 10
Private Collection

For this design I wanted something that echoed the calm but brooding threat of the sea, and the sharp violence and danger that disrupts it. Hopefully the edge decoration gives a little peak to the threat, and when opened the red and silver flyleaves convey the sudden panic and danger in the story.

Technical details:
Full goatskin, hand dyed by airbrush and paste resist.
Matching leather doublures.
Hand painted leather jointed flyleaves, sprinkled with silver leaf sunago.
All edges airbrushed and sprinkled with palladium sunago.
Hand sewn 7 colour silk endbands.
Spine tooled by hand in genuine platinum
Leather solander box.

The Journey of Thomas the Rhymer by Angela Lemaire
Old Stile Press, Monmouth UK, 2001
270mm x 200mm x 15mm
Bradel Structure
Distinguished Winner in the 2022 Designer Bookbinders International Competition
Bound in 2021

Hand dyed green and sunago goatskin spine piece.
Boards covered in cyanotype botanical prints with white calf inlay, tooled in genuine variagated gold leaf and foil. Top edge hand painted.
Leather-jointed endpapers with cyanotype printed flyleaf and paper doublure.
Dreamy botanical prints echo the seduction of the faery queen, met in the forest. The white stripe evokes dappled forest light.


Email: hi@jujubooks.co.uk
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