2022-23 Membership Renewal Reminder!


Thank you everyone who has renewed their membership already, it’s great to see people setting up their new online accounts.

We welcome all members who have not yet renewed their 2022-23 Designer Bookbinders membership to set up their new online account and pay via PayPal or card to ensure you are on the mailing list for the next Newsletter mail-out (the newsletter is currently being proofed – so be quick!)

Associate Membership Renewals Online – If you would like to renew your membership and setup your online account please click here

If you are a Licentiate or Fellow please get in touch by email membership@designerbookbinders.org.uk to get a different link for your online account.

If you have paid already please get in touch to be emailed your coupon code for online registration to access the members area and publication discounts.

For any questions please contact the Designer Bookbinders Membership secretary, Felicity Bristow, on: