A joint exhibition of Designer Bookbinders and Society of Scribes & Illuminators will run from 13 March – 13 April 2024
at the Crafts Council Gallery, 44a Pentonville Road, London N1 9HF

Contemporary bookbinding and calligraphy are not widely known about and this is a rare opportunity to see the fine work of both societies as they come together to show their work. Designer Bookbinders and the Society of Scribes & Illuminators are both among the longest established and most respected and influential societies in the world.

Books that display the skills and artistry of binders, and lettering to excite and surprise. Without even noticing it, lettering is part of our everyday lives from the iconic London Underground signage to packaging, memorial books and royal proclamations and what you will see at the Crafts Council Gallery are examples of calligraphy as art.

Most people’s ideas about a fine binding are of leather and gold-tooling, and in a way, these are here but with a contemporary twist and so much imagination. Leather, vellum, Perspex, wood, embroidery – all this and more. These are books to be displayed as works of art, as collectable as a ceramic vessel or a fine piece of furniture.

Most of the exhibits are for sale or there is always the pleasure of commissioning a piece of work and communicating with the maker.

A fully illustrated catalogue will be available online within the next month.

For more pictures and information, please contact Angela James.

We’ll be sharing more details of the exhibitors and the exhibition in general over the coming weeks, but please add the dates to your diaries!