Designer Bookbinders Associate Exhibition of ‘The Book: Art & Object’ by Philip Smith


Design Bindings by Associates of Designer Bookbinders on copies of The Book: Art & Object – Philip Smith, published 1982

An exhibition accompanying the AGM and Spring Meeting, 29th April 2023 at The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT (Russell Square underground station)

If you are intending to participate in this exhibition please email Lester Capon before 1st April so that we can plan accordingly. Please include your name, the title of the book and, if you wish, a brief description of the binding (materials, structure and techniques used, inspiration for the design, etc). No more than 150 words please. Also please add an e-mail address or telephone number in case anyone would like to get in touch to discuss a possible purchase. We shall then prepare a display card to go alongside your binding.

Books may be sent to
Jeanette Koch
195 Victoria Park Road
London E9 7JN

The deadline for receipt of the books is 22nd April. Please email Jeanette prior to posting to check that she will be in to receive your book. Please ensure your binding is simply but securely packed in re-usable packaging for return postage if necessary, together with the appropriate value in stamps and a return address label. Insurance is the responsibility of the binder.

Alternatively, you can bring your book to the Art Workers Guild on the day of the meeting at about 12.00 so we have time to include them in the display. All Associates are invited and encouraged to attend the AGM and spring meeting if possible. Exhibitors can then take their bindings home with them at the end of the day. The books will be displayed in the front room of The Art Workers Guild. We do not have facilities for showcases at this venue but there will be a ‘No Handling’ notice and every care will be taken to ensure their safety.

As explained in previous announcements, this is not a competition. It is an opportunity for us all to see some interesting bindings and appreciate the design skills of our Associate membership. Any sales which result from the exhibition should be handled directly by the binder. DB will not be taking any commission.

Copies of the book are still available to purchase here.

If you are planning to bind a copy of this book – thank you for joining in. We look forward to seeing all the bindings!

Lester Capon
Glenn Malkin