Jeff Clements MBE

Jeff Clements

It is with great sadness that Designer Bookbinders must announce the death of Jeff Clements. Jeff was elected as a Fellow of The Guild of Contemporary Bookbinders, (later to become known as Designer Bookbinders) in 1957 and was President of Designer Bookbinders from 1981-83. Jeff lived and worked in England until 1988, at which point he moved to Amsterdam.

An artist bookbinder, painter, and graphic designer, he was an Art and Design Educationist from 1961-1988 and examiner until 2006. His fine bindings were usually bound in goatskin with inlays, and more recently he made extensive use of feathered onlays. The designs grew out of the text but invariably retained a strong vertical/horizontal and oblique stress relationship, with sculptured boards playing an important role in the composition.

Jeff exhibited regularly with Designer Bookbinders and in Europe, America and Japan. His bindings are in major public and private collections throughout the European Union and the USA.

In 2021 Jeff retired from being a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders after making more than a hundred and sixty contemporary fine bindings.

Designer Bookbinders would like to express their sympathy to all of Jeff’s family and friends, he will be greatly missed.