The A Gathering of Leaves Exhibition to Open at Sotheby’s on Wednesday 21st September

We are very pleased to announce that the exhibition, “A Gathering of Leaves”, will open at the next venue on Wednesday the 21st September. This will be at Sotheby’s in London and will run for just over a week until the 29th September.

The books have been moved from the first venue at The Weston Library at the Bodleian in Oxford and the new exhibition was set up by Stuart and Louise Brockman (the International Competition Organisers), Christopher Shaw (Designer Bookbinders Fellow) and Ted Bennet (Designer Bookbinders Licentiate).

If you wish to buy the catalogue to see all the competition entries in all their glory it is available to purchase from the Designer Bookbinders online shop at this link. The price is £30 for non-members at £25 for members.