We are really excited to share news of the Booker Prize bindings of 2023!

“One of the highlights of the annual Booker Prize season comes when each of the shortlisted authors is presented with a unique, hand-bound edition of their nominated works, created by Fellows from the Designer Bookbinders society. These extraordinary, one-of-a-kind books are designed and made between the shortlist announcement and winner ceremony. Each book is the result of around 150 hours of dedicated work and the process, which involves at least 25 distinct stages, including the decoration of the edges of the pages and the final lettering, would normally take up to four months. This year it took around two.”

The Booker Prize have this year interviewed our six Fellows and are displaying some behind the scenes photographs as well as speaking to them about how they began bookbinding plus how their bindings were made. The bindings will be presented to the shortlisted authors at the winner ceremony on November 26, 2023, after which we will be displaying them in all of their glory here on our website for you to see.

Please visit the Booker Prize website here to read more about it.

Six of our Fellows were matched with the six shortlisted authors to bind their books as follows:

Western Lane by Chetna Maroo (Picador, 2023)
Bound by Stuart Brockman

If I Survive You by Jonathan Escoffery (4th Estate, London, 2023)
Bound by Mark Cockram

Study for Obedience by Sarah Bernstein (Granta Books, 2023)
Bound by Sue Doggett

Prophet Song by Paul Lynch (Oneworld, 2023)
Bound by Tom McEwan

The Bee Sting by Paul Murray (Hamish Hamilton, 2023)
Bound by Nicky Oliver

This Other Eden by Paul Harding (Hutchinson Heinemann, 2023)
Bound by Lori Sauer