Today the Crafts Council Gallery reopens after a few days’ pause so you can again go and see the Covered.Discovered exhibition that is currently on with bindings by Fellow and Licentiate members of Designer Bookbinders and lettering by The Society of Scribes and Illuminators.

There was one collaboration between a bookbinder, Licentiate Gillian Stewart, and calligrapher Susie Leiper:

‘The Living Mountain’ by Nan Shepherd
This edition handwritten and illustrated by Susie Leiper with the permission of Erlend Clouston, literary executor
First edition Aberdeen University Press 1977, republished by Canongate Books Ltd, Edinburgh 2011, with an introduction by Robert Macfarlane
Six volumes, each 410 x 335 x 18 – 46 mm

There is currently a funding campaign on the website Volumeto raise money to publish this book. Volume is a curated publishing platform enabling the creation of high-quality illustrated books on visual culture. Their aim is to redefine the role of the publisher, and the relationship between creator and reader, to produce printed books of uncompromising standards for dedicated audiences.

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