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· Living by Books: Sally Lou Smith, Bookbinder
Nesta Davies
· The Chosen Binding
David Sellars
· The Bespoke Bindery
Marianne Harwood
· The Edfu Collection of Coptic Books
Jen Lindsay
· The Untouchables
Carmencho Arregui
· Gold and Wood, Staples and Rods
Sün Evrard
· Contemporary Bookbinding in Germany: the specialist course ‘Concept Book Art’ at Burg Giebichenstein, College of Art and Design, Halle
Mechthild Lobisch
· From Bookbinding, via Restoration, to Preservation : The Institute for Preservation
of Archival and Library Material in Ludwigsburg
Anna Haberditzl
· The Restoration of the Estate Register at the Chapter at Ellwangen: a case study on the subject of minimal intervention
Kerstin Forstmeyer
· The Anthony Dowd Collection of Fine Bindings: Part 2
Dorothy Harrop
· Four Levels of Book Art Making
Philip Smith

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