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  • Editorial ‘Mind and Matter, Material in the Making’
    Annette Friedrich | Joyce Lee
  • The Idea of Materials and the Material for Ideas
    Álvaro Malo
  • The Role of Tradition
    Rens Top
  • Mind and Matter, Material in the Making
    Don Glaister | Louise Bescond | Odette Drapeau
  • The Impact of the Early Codex and its Binding upon Society
    Michelle P. Brown
  • Conceptual Sensations within Material
    Veronika Schäpers
  • Some South African Book Artists’ Experiences with ‘Other’ Materials
    David Paton
  • From Medieval Embroidery to Human Skin
    Elma Brenner
  • A Survey of Hinges
    Benjamin Elbel
  • David Sellars, Arist of the Book
    Stephen Conway | Dominic Riley | Jill Sellars
  • Book Reviews:
    SUAVE MECHANICALS: Essays on the History of Bookbinding, edited by Julia Miller
    BOUND TO BE MODERN: Cloth Bindings and the Material Culture of the Book 1840 – 1914, by Kristina Lundblad
  • Man Booker Prize for Fiction
    Shortlist Bindings 2015
  • Recent Bindings by Fellows and Licentiates
    Edited by Jeanette Koch
  • The Annual Bookbinding Competition 2015


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