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  • In Praise of Ugly
    Daniel Wakelin
  • “hasily drawn hole to conceal badly drawn boots”
    John Bently
  • Redrafted & Double-Wrapped
    binding a medieval English romance
    Hannah Ryley
  • Free Associations & Visual Jazz
    a conversation on thirty-three years
    of collaboration and improvisation

    <usus>: Uta Schneider & Ulrike Stoltz
  • Binding in the Dark
    a conversation on collaboration
    Lester Capon & Peter Jones
  • Woolf I-IX
    Annette Friedrich
  • Gadgets, Gizmos, and Thingamajigs…
    Mark Cockram
  • Heath Robinson vs. Health & Safety
    Mel Jefferson
  • Ancestors
    Jenni Grey
  • Improvisation & Invention
    Angela James
  • Book Review
    ‘The Art of the Fold’ by Hedi Kyle & Ulla Warchol
  • Tooling with Gold Leaf
    James & Stuart Brockman
  • Man Booker Prize for Fiction
    Shortlist bindings 2019
  • Recent Bindings
    by Fellows and Licentiates of Designer Bookbinders
    Edited by Jeanette Koch
  • The Annual Bookbinding Competition 2018


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