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Workshop – Everybody Loves a Box

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Everybody Loves a Box
Lori Sauer
Pewsey, Wiltshire, SN9 6HJ
10-11 February 2024

We are all familiar with the slipcase and the clamshell box. Both are important for protecting special bindings, but if you have budget constraints or a quick deadline then this is the perfect workshop for you. I use a number of box structures, made with heavy paper or card, that are just as robust and attractive as the more obvious choices. They involve accurate measuring and folding, little adhesive and sometimes the use of a magnet.

Over the weekend we will make at least 3 different boxes with enough time leftover to demonstrate a one-piece covering of a slipcase – no lumps or bumps – and doable in less than half an hour (once you learn the technique).

Suitable for… all levels.

There will be a Materials cost of £10 for this workshop.

Lori received a degree in Fine Art in the USA followed by an MA in English Literature. She moved to the UK in the early 1980s, studied bookbinding with Sally Lou Smith and David Sellars and set up her own workshop in the 1990s. Elected as a Fellow of DB in 2001, Lori served as its President from 2015-19. She runs open studio classes throughout the year alongside her programme of international master-classes, BINDING re:DEFINED. She has bound a number of the short-listed authors for the Booker prize.


This workshop will be held in Lori’s own bindery and is limited to 8 students as a maximum.


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