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Workshop – Millimetre Binding

From: £185.00

Millimetre Binding
Dominic Riley
Northwich, Cheshire CW8 2NW
25-26 November

Scandinavian elegance embodied. This workshop is a good introduction to working with leather, both by hand with a knife, and a using a paring machine.

The Millimetre binding is a quarter-leather style that is ingenious in construction and straightforward to make. Developed in Denmark during the 1940s as a response to leather shortages, it is a way of binding small, slim volumes using a minimal amount of leather – the name deriving from the fact that there is only 1mm of leather showing on the boards and corners.

It is sewn on flattened, frayed-out cords, has a gently rounded spine with a small but sharp joint. The boards are attached to the waste sheet prior to covering, with a simple paper and card hollow trapped between the board and waste sheet for strength. Good quality goatskin is used for the binding, which has leather headbands, a graphite top edge and pastepaper sides.

Suitable for … students with some bookbinding experience.

There will be a Materials cost of £30 for this workshop.

Dominic specialises in Design Binding and restoration. He has won over thirty prizes for his work, which is held in public and private collections worldwide. He is a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders and has served as President of the Society of Bookbinders. In In 2013 he won first prize in the DB International Competition. He spends about a third of his time teaching, both here and in the USA. He co-founded the Joint Workshops and the SoB Seminar, and is also co-founder of Book Camp UK. He has written the only full-length article in English on the making of the Millimetre binding (Bookbinder vol. 20, 2006).

This workshop will be held at Dominic’s own bindery and has a maximum number of 8 students.


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