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London Craft Week


Many thanks to everyone who made the DB open day at St Bride such a success. Throughout the day visitors were able to attend talks and demonstrations, watch binders at work and try out simple techniques. Chris Shaw made the suppliers fair an irresistible attraction, with beautiful leathers, books and fabulous decorated papers all delivered in his little car. The first Associate Members Exhibition was won by Jeanette Koch, with her delightful binding of Alice through the Looking Glass.

The exhibition attracted many lovely bindings as well as a lot of attention from visitors and binders alike. Hopefully this will become an annual event, so something to work towards for next year!

This year’s new event, the design tutorials, was a big hit with both the binders and visitors. Binders rarely get the opportunity to explain the creative processes of their work, except with the client on delivery and for the audience to get such a rare insight into a makers thought processes was a rare treat.

The DB Now Exhibition, which had been on display throughout the week, showcased an extensive range of styles and techniques, with exciting new bindings as well as some classic pieces from private collections. Judging by the enthusiastic reviews in the visitors book we got it just right. Invigilating on the Friday afternoon it was lovely talking to visitors and hearing their reactions. It’s easy to forget that for many visitors this is their first sight of a designed binding and seeing them respond is always a reward in itself.

LCW 2018 will run from 9th-13th May, so put the date in your diary and watch this space.