Designer Bookbinders is a Society devoted to the maintenance and improvement of standards of design and craft in hand bookbinding. The Society publishes a journal “The New Bookbinder”, holds exhibitions and events, runs competitions, workshops and masterclasses. The Society has a worldwide membership from all backgrounds including binders, conservators, collectors, librarians, teachers, craftspeople, and book and art-lovers in general.

Membership renewals are all due annually on April 1st, but new Associate members are welcome to join at any time of the year. We look forward to welcoming you to our Society.

If you are a student or a bookbinding apprentice please contact and send proof of your enrolment status as a full-time UK-based student or ask your employer to send confirmation of your apprentice or trainee status as well as your name, address, email, and phone number. Student/Apprentice Associate Membership costs: £25 per year for a maximum of 3 years.



Associate membership is open to all who are interested in bookbinding and wish to support the Society. Associate Members receive a quarterly newsletter, a copy of “The New Bookbinder”, a discount on DB publications, and E-Bulletins with notices of events and news related to bookbinding. Associate members can stand for election to the Society’s Executive Committee and many Associates volunteer to help organise events and other activities.

Associate Membership allows you to keep in touch with news, events, and courses, and gives opportunities to meet practising binders. Your support helps develop and maintain the craft of hand bookbinding.

Annual Associate Subscription:
UK Residents: £40
EU Residents: £45
Rest of the World Residents: £50


Designer Bookbinders is constantly seeking new talent and promising UK-based bookbinders are encouraged to apply for Licentiateship. Promising bookbinders are encouraged to apply for Licentiateship. Licentiates are assigned two Fellows of the Society to mentor them in developing their design skills and technique, take part in running the Society, and exhibit in the Society’s exhibitions.

Applicants to Licentiateship are elected on submission of work which is deemed to display a potential in design and technique. If you are considering applying to be a Licentiate please contact to be put in touch with a Fellow or current Licentiate to informally discuss your work and application.

Annual Licentiate Subscription: £55


Designer Bookbinders Fellows are the exhibiting members of the Society and are considered to have achieved the highest standards in both design and technique. Fellows are elected on submission of work from those who have previously achieved Licentiate status.

This membership type is achieved only by election.

Annual Fellows Subscription: £75


Honorary Fellows are those who have rendered singular service to bookbinding and/or to the society and whom the society has thus wished to recognise and honour during their lifetime.