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Secret Signatures

All members of Designer Bookbinders are invited to create a 5 x 7 in. piece of work, a classic postcard size. Each item produced will be exhibited and sold anonymously with no one knowing whose work they will receive. Our aim is to create a body of work to exhibit online in an inclusive members only exhibition, generating excitement with everyone exhibiting in one place together for the first time. This is a global, non-competitive selling exhibition format, showcasing examples of creativity as a collective, that not only raises awareness but much-needed funds for the Society in a fun and creative way.

We encourage you to express and show off your individual passion and flair in a method of your choice in either portrait or landscape, whether this is with bookbinding materials, printing, painting, illustration, photography, a combination of, or any other technique or method you wish to use. There is no set theme, no limit to the creative output allowing you complete freedom to produce what you want. All participants are required to pay a £10 handling fee per entry as well as complete an exhibitor form.

To get your registration form and full entry details contact Sarah Burnett-Moore and the team at: dbsecretsignatures@gmail.com

NB: The registration deadline for this project has passed and the project is currently on hold. Further details will be announced as soon as possible.